Congratulations to our Q2 Safety Recognition Program winners!

August 1, 2022 Casey Nighbor
Congratulations to our Q2 Safety Recognition Program winners!
Here at Centerline, our team takes pride in our drivers and ensuring the safety of those around them. We want to recognize our safest drivers that go above and beyond. Our new Driver Safety Recognition Program rewards drivers who make safety a priority.
Our quarter 2 winners are here! They were nominated and recognized this quarter for outstanding safety practices and paid a bonus reward. Here are a few short words from the team about why they were nominated this quarter. 
Winner #1: Derek Savoy
Derek trains and mentors our new hires and supports our onsite supervisor when needed. He prioritizes safety in his instruction and exemplifies it every day while working.
Winner #2:  Shaaston Lee
Shaaston continuously gets praise for his hard work and dedication to safety from each client. He always goes the extra mile and recently helped prevent a robbery of a store he serviced by being aware and following protocol. Thank you to Shaaston for showing how amazing our drivers are! 
Winner #3: James DeFehr
James has always been a safety conscious driver never in violation of his HOS. He is hard working and always represents Centerline by being respectful, safety conscious, leaving the client with a positive lasting impression.
Thank you again to Derek, Shaaston and James for their dedication to keeping our roads safer each day. Check back next back quarter for our new round of safe drivers or read more about our recognition program here.
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