Safety And Compliance

Safety is our #1 Priority

Yes, Centerline can manage your entire driver program. We will professionally handle recruitment and the day-to-day management of drivers assigned exclusively to your business. We will seamlessly transition your current drivers to the Centerline team as well. Let us handle HR, risk, benefits, payroll and safety so you can focus on your business.

We ensure safety and compliance by:

  • Having a dedicated in-house safety and compliance team to ensure every Centerline driver is always in full DOT compliance.
  • On-going safety training for drivers to stay on top of new compliance and safety protocols
  • 24/7 service center for drivers to access safety information they need
  • Periodic ride-alongs with our drivers to coach and mentor them on safe driving practices
  • Work with each customer to conduct site evaluations and safety audits on request
  • Regular monitoring of industry trends and changes to anticipate future safety and compliance needs