7 healthy snack ideas for drivers to take on the road

Staying healthy on the road can be difficult. The choices are often gas stations or fast food restaurants, both filled with unhealthy landmines. Packing your own snacks is often the best option for ensuring you’re eating something nutritious and well-balanced.

A healthy snack can keep you alert longer and help trim your waistline. Here are 7 healthy snack options that are easy to keep fresh on-the-go.

1. Vegetables/fruit and peanut butter

Apples celery with peanut butter can easily be pre-portioned and brought on the road. There are many options for peanut butter in single serving containers.

2. Trail mix

This is one of the easiest portable snacks because it won’t spoil and provides a good mix of fat and protein. Make your own by combining 2 parts nuts with one part dried fruit or granola and put a cup serving in a plastic baggie. There are also a lot of recipes for adding your own flavors like bbq to your trail mix.  Or try one of the pre-packaged options, which may be one of your best choices when faced with a gas station filled with chips and candy.

3. Beef or turkey jerky

Picking a brand of jerky that doesn’t contain a large amount of sugar or preservatives can make this snack a great high-protein option. Or you can try making your own!

4. Bento box

Making a bento box filled with healthy options can be a great way to snack with some variety. You can fill it with cheese slices, hard boiled eggs, crackers, fruit (try frozen grapes!) or nuts. Can also make a great breakfast on-the-go as well.

5. Tuna pouches

Tuna now comes in convenient pouches or kits so you can get a good source of protein and omega 3s, with minimal effort.

6. Vegetable chips or popcorn

If you have a craving for something crunchy, there are some good alternatives to potatoes chips. Veggie or plantain chips are now common in most stores and offer more nutritional value than a regular bag of Lays. Popcorn is also a great option for a low calorie but high volume food. 3 cups of it is only 192 calories, making for a highly satisfying snack.

7. Dark chocolate

If you want something sweet, dark chocolate is your healthiest bet. It offers antioxidants and studies have shown that it can help prevent heart disease.

Eating healthy on the road shouldn’t be hard. With a little forethought, you can bring along a few healthy and delicious snacks.


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