Why Driver Management Services (DMS) is different

September 25, 2023 Casey Nighbor

Why Centerline's Driver Management Services (DMS) is different

You may be used to driver leasing and staffing partners focusing only on hiring drivers and ending their service at that. While this may work for some, others want a more full-service approach.

With Centerline’s Driver Management Service (DMS), hiring a qualified driver is just the start of our fully outsourced partnership. Our team works to build a custom full-service process for your fleet, with everything from hiring and onboarding to driver compliance files and safety training.

But what makes this solution uniquely different from others? Here are 3 reasons our solution stands above the rest.

1. Dedicated recruiting, compliance, HR (payroll and benefits) and safety teams

Centerline can manage your entire driver program. We will professionally handle recruitment and the day-to-day management of drivers assigned exclusively to your business. We will seamlessly transition your current drivers to the Centerline team as well. Let us handle HR, risk, benefits, payroll, and safety so you can focus on your business.

Centerline’s Driver Management Services includes a dedicated team of specialists focused on hiring safe and compliant drivers for your fleet.

If you are considering converting your current driver workforce to Centerline, we have an excellent track record of converting drivers to DMS—with a 95% conversion rate.

2. Our team has industry knowledge

Our Centerline Driver Management team is made up of industry specialist and have team members from 3PL, private fleets, carrier management, and staffing industry on our team.

Several of our Driver Management team have credentials from the trade industry such as NPTC, and ATA. Five members of our team are also certified by NPTC as CTPs (Certified Transportation Professionals).

No matter what the issue is, we’re with you every step of the way to find a solution. It’s all hands on deck with our DMS solution.

We also have Six Sigma-certified people on our team and several certified Smith System instructors.

Centerline has received several awards from Women in Trucking and NPTC. Showing our commitment to our fleet community.

3. We specialize in relationships

Centerline is focused on building exceptional relationships with professional drivers and our clients.

At Centerline we take the time to understand your business. Adding drivers to your fleet and recruiting and retention of professional drivers is what we do. Our Driver Management Service allows fleets to focus on core business while the Centerline team makes sure your fleet has drivers for daily operations and for unexpected or planned volume increases.

Our Driver Management Service provides the core driver fleet and is supported by Centerline's flexible driver solution and our mobile driver solution, so your fleet is always ready to meet the ever-increasing demand for qualified professional drivers.

At Centerline Driver Management Services, we work with many premier fleets (private fleets and 3PL fleets). We specialize in building materials distribution, car parts delivery, just-in-time raw materials delivery for plant operations and manufacturing, drayage port operations, parcel delivery, OTR and teams, and food and beverage distribution.

Your culture is our culture, and our team is with you every mile. Learn more about our DMS solution here

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