3 things to look for in a compliance partner

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Compliance is one of the most important aspects of managing a workforce—especially in transportation. Regulations at the federal, state and local levels can change on a dime. And the cost of failing a DOT audit can devastate an operation.

 A trusted partner should be able to ensure every driver they give you is within all compliance guidelines.

Here are some aspects of a good compliance partner that you should check for.

1. A proven record

A true partner has your back and that means having a proven record of compliance. Ask what their hiring policies are, how many DOT audits they have passed and how they stay on top of compliance changes. Not being able to show how they keep their clients safe is a major red flag.

2. An in-house compliance team

Partner with an organization that has in-house, expert knowledge of the regulatory landscape, and that’s ready to pivot while recommending solutions and policies that meet new regulations.

They should be committed to making sure that you and your workforce are always covered, and they should be able to prove their commitment with an exceptional compliance record.

3. Ongoing training

With compliance constantly changing, is your partner keeping their drivers up-to-date? Regular compliance trainings for drivers and staff mean that everyone knows the correct protocols and procedures.

A trusted compliance partner

As one of the leading partners in transportation, we make it a priority to stay on top of ever-changing regulations. We’re passionate about compliance and we’ve had a perfect DOT audit record for over 45 years.  

Let us help you maintain driver compliance seamlessly. Get in touch with us today

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