The Mobile Drivers Customer Experience: A Q&A with Jennifer Overmyer, VP of Mobile Drivers and Recruiting

May 9, 2024 Casey Nighbor

The Mobile Drivers Customer Experience: A Q&A with Jennifer Overmyer, VP of Mobile Drivers and Recruiting

At Centerline, our people make everything possible. Our Mobile Driver solution allows us to temporarily relocate experienced, reliable drivers to high-need markets and remote locations where the driver pool is small.

We spoke with Jennifer Overmyer, VP of Mobile Drivers and Recruiting, to learn more about what customers should know about Mobile and how our team brings exceptional experiences to each assignment.

What’s your background and how did you get into this business?

Like a lot of people in this industry, I sort of fell into staffing. My degree is actually in psychology and I graduated early and was contemplating going to grad school. I ended up applying to a staffing company to earn money until the fall and ended up loving it. I originally started with a light industrial staffing company and then eventually transitioned into transportation about 12 years ago. And that’s where I really fell in love and found my passion. I loved (and continue to love) how genuine transportation customers are and how down-to-earth our drivers are. I came to Centerline almost 4 years ago now.

What do you love most about your role?  

This is an easy one—the people. I absolutely love the staff within the mobile team. They are the most hard-working and dedicated group of people I’ve ever worked with. They are so supportive of each other and all cross-trained so no one blinks an eye if anyone needs help. They are so committed to our customers and our drivers and it shows every single day. It’s really inspiring working with such hardworking and passionate people and I’m so grateful to be apart of this team.

What types of challenges is the mobile team able to solve for customers?

The Mobile team is really able to support in any area that is ‘critical’ and that can mean a variety of things depending on the customer. For example, a company could have just won a brand new customer and they need to make sure every driver is on top of it and showcasing what you can do for this client—we’re there to help. Another possible scenario is a peak season where a customer is busy and its high revenue generating, we can bring in short-term drivers to help them with that. Or if there is a natural disaster or another type of crisis that impacts a certain area of the country, we can bring in additional resources with our drivers. So I think overall, Mobile can help customers when they are in a no-fail situation. With our Mobile solution, we can bring in qualified and experienced drivers to drive your vehicles and be an extension of your workforce. And we can do it pretty much as quickly as needed. In 24-72 hours, the Mobile team can get drivers into seats.

What type of customer experience should clients expect when working with the Centerline Mobile team?  

I think customers should expect an urgent response and a team that treats their needs as their own. The Mobile team provides exceptional experiences because we truly care about our customers and the challenges they are facing. And they should also expect top-quality drivers. Our customers should expect excellent tenured drivers that come with the certifications and experience they asked for. The Mobile team works very hard to build a customized solution for each customer and match the perfect driver for their needs. And once those drivers land, they are ready to work and go above and beyond. All in all, the Mobile team is here to make our customer’s lives easier.

What’s your favorite thing about mobile?

My favorite thing is that we offer a solution that our competitors do not. Centerline is one service, in three different ways. With Mobile being part of that, we really do offer the complete solution. Our team handles absolutely everything from matching drivers to booking travel and accommodations all the way to managing payroll and benefits. And that comprehensive solution is something that drew me to Centerline in the first place. Everyone is here to solve our customers’ challenges and we want to make their lives easier.

Thank you Jennifer for being a cheerleader for not only Mobile but Centerline. Our company and our customers are better because of your expertise.

To learn more about our Mobile solution or request Mobile drivers, get in touch with our team here.

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