Ask a trucker: Tips for staying safe on the roads this Memorial Day

Aerial view of semi trucks on a highway interchange

Thirty-nine million drivers are expected to take road trips this Memorial Day weekend. With so many people on the road, the chances of an incident become higher . So, before getting behind the wheel, get behind some safety tips from some veteran drivers. 

According to Centerline Drivers’ State of Trucking survey, 36 percent of truck drivers think people drive too recklessly. Keep yourself and your fellow drivers safe with these Memorial Day Highway Safety Tips:

1. Slow Down, Save Gas – and Lives

With gas prices soaring, driving at a slower pace conserves more than energy. Because high speeds mean lower gas mileage and efficiency, you’ll be saving money and increasing your safety.

2. Practice Distancing

You don’t have to wear a mask, but you should still keep your distance – from your fellow drivers. Avoid driving in packs, pick the lane of least resistance and always leave yourself an out for when there are too many vehicles around you. At intersections allow at least one car length from the vehicle in front of you.

3. Put the Phone Down

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration reported that more than 3000 people in the US were killed by distracted driving in 2019. Don’t be a statistic—looking at your phone for even 5 seconds on an interstate will make you travel more than 300 feet without you looking where you’re going. Put it down – or better yet, put it where you can’t see, hear, or reach it so you’re not distracted by it.

4. Tired? Hungry? Stop and Rest

Eating while driving is a distraction that could cause an accident. Driving while tired can be deadly. Don’t keep pushing on. Find a place to pull over and rest or go to a restaurant to eat.

5. Watch the Weather

Summer is thunderstorm and tornado season. Be sure to check your driving route, take an alternative route if conditions become too difficult to drive and don’t drive through standing water.

Want more safety tips? Check out our content library here. 

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