Respect the Drive October Spotlight: Keltron Montgomery

October 25, 2023 Jaimie Williams

Congrats to our Respect the Drive Driver of the Month Keltron Montgomery

Through our Respect the Drive program, our team and customers nominate drivers each month to share their stories for all the hard work they do, and how they have gone above and beyond.

This month, our spotlight winner is Keltron Montgomery, a dedicated driver in Irving, Texas.

Keltron has been a Centerline Driver for three years and has shown committed focus to his professional responsibilities and is dedicated to our customers. John Trahan, Centerline’s Vice President-Driver Management Service Sales and Operations, who nominated Montgomery says, “He is leading the way in all safety categories and is a favorite among our safety team.”

Demonstrating a true representation of the Centerline Driver's morality, Montgomery has readily assumed the role of the site's safety trainer and has provided instruction to all newly assigned drivers. Trahan elaborates “Reno Redmon the safety manager has characterized Montgomery as consistently devoted to ensuring safety at all times.”

Our leading commitment at Centerline Drivers, along with our Texas team is to prioritize the safety of our drivers. We aim to highlight this dedication by providing safety metrics, and consistently enhancing safety standards through ongoing safety training.

Thank you Keltron, for all your hard work and for Respecting the Drive!

If you are a driver in the market or know a driver who would be a great fit for Centerline, our Recruiting Managers are ready to talk! Reach out to them today

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