The 6 Most Common Causes for Flat Tires

November 19, 2019 Casey Nighbor


Long days on the road means the chances of experiencing truck trouble, such as flat tires, are high. And while no one enjoys getting a flat tire, it is important to know the common causes and some of the steps to possibly avoid flats.

1. Punctured tire

This is the most common cause of a flat tire. It often happens when a nail or a piece of glass punctures your tire. If possible, avoid driving over debris on the road or in parking lots.

2. Ripped or worn down tire

Ripped or worn tires can cause a flat as well as create a hazard to other drivers. Checking your tires for damage before driving can help detect these problems before they become a flat.

3. Separation of the tire from the rim

This can occur if you accidentally hit a curb or rub against a sidewalk while parking. When the tire slips from the rim, a slow leak can create a flat over time.

4. Over or under pumped tires

Over pumping your tires can cause the tire to pop and go flat. Be sure to properly check and fill your tire pressure before heading out.

5. Vandalism

An unlikely but possible reason for a flat tire is vandalism. Thankfully, this requires no repair to the tire and you can just reinflate it.

6. Road hazards

Potholes and unexpected debris can cause damage to tires. If safe, avoid these hazards on the road.

Regardless of what caused the flat, flat tires can be easily changed. If it happens frequently, be sure to mention it to your mechanic or dispatch to address a potentially more serious issue.

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