3 insights from our State of Trucking 2021 survey

February 10, 2021 Casey Nighbor

It’s that time of year again for our State of Trucking survey—and everything feels different this time. The pandemic shook up the trucking industry in so many ways, from drastically increasing the need for truck cargo to stressing the supply chain.

And while the world seems to have changed, it has also stayed very much the same in some ways. All in all, our survey gave an interesting look into where the transportation industry stands right now and what the future may hold.

Here are three key insights from the survey.

1. 1 in 2 employers are having a difficult time filling truck driver jobs 

Half of employers are struggling to find enough truck drivers and sadly the pandemic has not made this better. It is the exact same percentage as last year’s survey. The reasons why may have changed slightly, but the pandemic has only made the driver shortage more obvious.

We’ve gathered some ideas on how to address the driver shortage here.

2. 63% of employers plan to increase safety measures at their organization

This should not be a huge surprise, but rather a relief. Safety has always been a priority in the trucking industry, and it is now even more important. Overall, companies have been proactive and diligent about keeping their drivers and customers safe.

Want to ensure your drivers are safe during COVID-19? Download our free cleaning checklist. Or trying to increase your general driver safety? Download our ultimate guide to driver safety for best practices.

3. 96% of employers think the launch of vaccine will have a positive or neutral impact within the trucking industry 

Most employers are optimistic about the vaccine’s impact on the trucking industry. Employers believe the vaccine will protect drivers and allow them to safety take on more work. This, in turn, will help businesses and grow the economy.

Download the full results from our State of Trucking research report here

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