Respect The Drive July Spotlight: Ignacio Ornelas

July 22, 2022 Casey Nighbor
Congrats to our RTD Driver of the Month Ignacio Ornelas
At Centerline, our drivers are like our family and the focus of everything we do.
Our program, Respect the Drive, was built to celebrate our amazing drivers. It’s all about you and honoring the work you do day in and day out.
Each month, our team picks a driver to spotlight for going above and beyond in some way. In addition to a spotlight, they receive an exclusive Respect the Drive jacket. 
This month, our RTD Driver of the Month is Ignacio Ornelas, a Mobile Driver for Centerline. 
Our client reached out to our team to tell us what an amazing job Ignacio does every single day. “Ignacio pushes for 100 percent and not a penny less. He understands the operation and goes above and beyond with anyone that comes across him.” said Paul from LB&B Associates.
But it doesn’t stop there. The client also said that Ignacio often does kind gestures for those around him and shared a recent story about his generosity. 
On his route, there is an employee at a local store who he frequently sees when he delivers. One day he noticed the man had duct tape around his shoes. He asked about it and the man replied that he was saving up for a new pair of shoes. Ignacio proceeded on his route and then went back to pick the man up. 
He bought him 3 new outfits, a new pair of shoes and took him to dinner. 
The man was so thankful and touched by what Ignacio had done that he got in touch with the client to let him know what an outstanding driver they had. 
We are so honored to have such an amazing driver like Ignacio working for Centerline. He exemplifies our values and goes above and beyond every single day.
Thank you, Ignacio, for all your hard work and for Respecting the Drive. 
Learn more about the Respect the Drive Program here
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