The top 3 headaches from managing your own driver compliance process

March 22, 2022 Casey Nighbor

A woman typing on a computer trying to manage a driver compliance process and driver DOT files

Driver compliance has always been a challenge in the transportation industry.

Not only are compliance regulations regularly changing, but there is often a patchwork of federal, state and local laws to be followed. This can lead to a complex, time consuming and expensive process to maintain your driver’s compliance.

The end result? A giant headache for employers. Here are 3 big challenges that come from trying to manage your own compliance process.

1. Increased risk and liability

Compliance can make or break your company if you get it wrong. Regulations and laws can change seemingly overnight. If you aren’t staying up to date, it can cost you. Falling behind on your DOT file driver qualifications or doing them incorrectly can result in an audit.

2. Spending all your time on compliance

Compliance is a time-consuming and nuanced process that can take up huge chunks of your day. If you don’t have a robust compliance team to handle them, you can quickly become overwhelmed. Not to mention spending all your time on compliance issues means you don’t have time left over to run other parts of your business.

3. Your technology has fallen behind

Being effective at compliance means you have real-time visibility and a centralized system into your DOT regulatory status. However, many companies don’t have the correct technology to do so. This opens up a headache for operations and increases your risk.

You could completely overhaul your technology system higher a full compliance team and spend all your time on driver DOT files at a high cost—both monetarily and time wise. But there is an easier, better solution. 

By outsourcing your compliance process to a trusted partner like Centerline, you can get your time and peace of mind back. Our Cleared2Drive solution ensures your drivers are compliant and takes over the day-to-day management of driver qualification files.

Let us help you maintain driver compliance seamlessly. Get in touch with us today to learn more about this beneficial program or click here to learn more about Cleared2Drive.

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