Celebrating Veterans Day at Centerline Drivers

November 11, 2020 Brad Perkins


Brad Beeuwsaert learned in seven years in the Marine Corps to set aside personal interests to serve a larger purpose. His service showed him what “working for a common good” means.

Now, entering his ninth year with Centerline Drivers, connecting clients with drivers, many of whom are veterans, that mindset and experience continues to serve him.

“Military experience influences me in two ways, really,” Brad says. “For one: mentality. To include the inevitable, daily obstacles as part of a plan builds resiliency, keeps focus and maintain calm. The experience also exposed me to a wide swath of backgrounds, which, in turn, broadened my understanding of how people deal with the events in their lives.”

He also brings the Marine Corps mindset of process to his job every day.

“Applying a workable routine to each day helps keep priorities front and center on the schedule,” Brad says.

That, and his work with the Marine Corps Reserve, made for a less difficult transition when moving out of the military. And working in an industry that hires many veterans also helps.

“For the majority of my time, I served in the Marine Corps Reserve, so the transition was more of balancing mindset and priorities than readjusting to the civilian workforce.”

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