3 reasons why Centerline’s safety program is different

April 1, 2020 Casey Nighbor

According to our recent State of Trucking 2021 survey, the number one thing that keeps employers up at night is driver safety.

With Centerline Drivers, you can rest easy. Like you, we are serious about safety and have over 40 years of perfect DOT audits to prove it.

But what makes our safety program different from others?

1. Tailored safety programs

At Centerline, we tailor each safety program to our clients’ needs. We can hire and train drivers on a wide range of trucks and equipment, so you are never without the correct driver for the job.

Have a history of incidents? We can focus on safety efforts on your specific operational needs. We are a partner with our customers and we want each and every safety program to be about them.

In addition, Centerline works with each customer to conduct site evaluations and safety audits on request.

2. Effective communication and training programs

Centerline can quickly and effectively communicate any safety measures to our drivers. We have a centralized safety support team and a 24/7 service center for drivers to access the information they need.

With our centralized system and team in place, we can reach drivers with the same consistent message in real time so everyone receives the same communication.  This helps make sure drivers can stay on top of new compliance and safety protocols

3. In-house expertise

Our excellent DOT safety audit record is due to our experience in safety. We have a dedicated in-house safety and compliance team to ensure every Centerline driver is always in full DOT compliance.

Our experienced recruiting, service and safety teams work in partnership with each driver and customer to meet or exceed all DOT compliance and safety standards.

Want to experience the Centerline difference? Request drivers to get started today.


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