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Safety Is First

The safety of the driving public is a responsibility we take very seriously.

The Centerline Safety Program

Centerline employs a growing number of Certified Transportation Professionals who supervise our safety program.

It includes:

  • Ongoing driver training, evaluation, and mentoring on professionalism, conduct, and new or existing regulations is provided to all drivers.
  • We monitor CSA and PSP scoring data with our customers to ensure our drivers continue to meet DOT requirements.
  • Drivers with clean safety records and consistent safe practices on the job earn "Safety Bucks," which can be collected and redeemed for gifts and premium items at the Centerline Safety Store.
  • Drivers in our Driver Management Service program attend mandatory safety training meetings on a quarterly basis. As part of each safety meeting, our safety managers address pretrip inspections, accident reporting and avoidance procedures, and driver close-quarters maneuvers.
  • We periodically conduct ride-alongs with our CDL drivers to coach and mentor them for safe driving practices.
  • We work with each of our customers to conduct site evaluations and safety audits on request.
  • We continuously evaluate and monitor industry trends and changes to provide a high-quality service experience to our customers and drivers.

Accident & Injury Prevention

We understand the impact that accidents and injuries have on all parties involved. Our focus is to ensure all drivers are properly qualified under DOT regulations and meet our stringent eligibility requirements.

When incidents occur, we conduct a full accident and injury investigation in partnership with our customers and assist in obtaining all the information required. We look not only at the fault of the accident but also at what could have been done to prevent it from occurring. This information helps Centerline and our customers develop training methods to reduce future occurrences or exposure.

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