How to Apply Snowchains Video

December 6, 2017

Centerline Safety Video with Coastal Pacific Food Distributors showing how to safely and effectively apply snow chains to truck tires.

  1. Lay chains out next to tire and inspect for damage

  2. Drape chains over tires

  3. Make sure Cam locks are on outside of the tire

  4. If necessary, move truck forward to link chains

  5. Link chains from inside of the tire while chains are slack

  6. Link chains on the outside of the tire

  7. Turn as many Cam locks as possible, clockwise with the key

  8. Adjust chains to ensure extra tightness

  9. Drive truck forward 15-30 feet

  10. Check chains one more time to ensure they are in place

Thanks to Wide World of Trains for semi truck footage. 

Winter is here but the supply chain needs to keep moving. We put together a list of top winter weather driving tips. 

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