Respect the Drive March Spotlight: Anthony Poole

March 26, 2024 Jaimie Williams

Congrats to our Respect the Drive Driver of the Month Anthony Poole

Through our Respect the Drive program, our team and customers nominate drivers each month to share their stories for all the hard work they do and how they have gone above and beyond.

This month, our spotlight winner is Anthony Poole a local driver in Douglasville, GA.

Truck drivers are amazing for the work they do each day, but they can also be heroes on the road to those in danger. A great example of this kind of hero is Anthony Poole.

Poole was on duty, driving on the highway, when he noticed a woman's car on fire near the back tire. He quickly got her attention, as she had not noticed the fire, and helped her pull over by blocking off the highway to ensure the woman's safety. The woman was able to escape from the car before it was completely engulfed in flames. If it weren't for Poole, the woman might have lost more than just her car but her life.

Isabel Castro, Account Manager, exclaimed, "He saved that woman's life. It's a super amazing outcome!" The entire Atlanta team is incredibly proud of their drivers like Poole. "I feel very fortunate to work with all our clients and drivers. We have some truly amazing people who work with us and have helped us build indestructible relationships."

Castro further stated, "Our drivers know that when they work with us, we'll do everything we can to find what they're looking for and keep in touch with them every step of the way. I'm lucky to work with an incredible team that shows appreciation for our drivers every day."

Thank you, Anthony for all your hard work and for Respecting the Drive!

If you are a driver in the market or know a driver who would be a great fit for Centerline, our Recruiting Managers are ready to talk! Reach out to them today.

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