Respect the Drive June Spotlight: Dellisa Hagans

Congrats to our Respect the Drive Driver of the Month Dellisa Hagans

Through our Respect the Drive program, our team and customers nominate drivers each month to share their stories for all the hard work they do, going above and beyond in some way.

This month, our spotlight winner is Dellisa Hagans, a local driver in Somerset, New Jersey at Centerline.

Being with Centerline for six months, Dellisa is already making an impression on Centerline and customers alike. “She’s received beautiful reviews from the client she has been working with. They sent an email telling us she is the best driver the company has EVER had,” says Service Manager Natalie Enriquez who nominated Hagans.

Enriquez further exclaims, “She has been an extremely dependable driver. She is very communicative and just a nice person overall.”

Working together, the New Jersey team supports its drivers through communication and compassion. By getting to know our drivers on a more personal level, Enriquez says “We do our best to find them the right assignment and let them know we are here to support them in any way we can. We appreciate them, and all their hard work and dedication to being the face of Centerline.”

Thank you Dellisa, for all your hard work and for Respecting the Drive!

If you are a driver in the market or know a driver that would be a great fit for Centerline, our Recruiting Managers are ready to talk! Reach out to them today

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