How drivers can stay up to date on safety

October 3, 2023 Jaimie Williams

Truck driver using a tablet standing by trucks

As a truck driver, you know all too well the various risks that come with driving on the road. From hazardous road conditions like construction, bad weather, and heavy traffic to encountering aggressive or distracted drivers, you face numerous growing challenges.

In fact, driving is considered one of the most dangerous activities most individuals engage in daily. However, you as truck drivers are exposed to these dangers on a much larger scale.

To stay safe while driving, it's crucial for you to stay informed about the latest information and be vigilant of possible hazards. To help with this, we've put together some tips on how to stay up to date with the latest safety measures.

Stay informed

Regulations regarding safety may be subject to change, but there are specific departments responsible for setting the latest standards. These include the Department of Transportation (DOT) or the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FSCMA). Even though they set the regulations, it’s the responsibility of truck drivers to stay informed and adapt their practices accordingly. Compliance with industry regulations not only ensures safety for all but also helps avoid potential fines and penalties. It's a good idea to build a system for yourself of regularly checking for any regulation updates that may impact you.

Attend safety training programs

Many trucking companies offer safety training programs, and host safety-focused events and conferences. These sessions typically cover topics such as defensive driving, the Smith System, load securing, and accident prevention. Additionally joining and participating in these events promotes a culture of safety within your company and provides valuable safety resources, training, and networking opportunities, and enhances your safety knowledge.

Participate in webinars and online courses

As a driver, you may not always be available to attend events or programs in person, due to location or being on the road. But there are options for online webinars and courses on trucking readily available. Taking advantage of these resources can enhance your knowledge and skills and give you access to a variety of interactive learning topics and experts. Other benefits include convenience, flexibility, and can be cost-effective with self-paced learning.

Utilize social media

Staying connected in the trucking community through social media helps provide support, advice, and a platform for sharing safety-related content, regardless if you’re currently on the road or not. You can listen to podcasts and get real-time updates from experts and experienced truckers, which can help you stay informed about accidents, news, regulations, and safety. And by subscribing to relevant industry publications, accounts, and online communities you can gain valuable insights into safety trends, technology advancements, and best practices.

Practice self-assessment

To ensure safety on the road, it is important to develop a habit of self-assessment. This proactive approach not only increases awareness of potential risks but also contributes to a safer environment for both you and other drivers. Through regularly assessing your driving habits, checking equipment maintenance, and being self-aware you can identify areas for improvement to lead to safer driving practices. Remember, safety starts with you.

Use mobile apps

Did you know Centerline has a mobile app? This app was built to keep drivers like you updated, and connected, with safety tips and more. With safety being the number one priority, Centerline drivers can easily submit an accident or injury report to our Service Team directly through the mobile app. No matter where you are, our mobile app can ensure you are in the loop on everything you need, to know while on the road and off.

Ensuring safety on the road is a shared responsibility, and truck drivers have a critical role to play in keeping themselves and others safe. Staying informed about safety practices and regulations is crucial for truck drivers to help make the roads safer for everyone, and to ensure their safe return home.

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