5 truck driving and recruiting trends for 2021

January 4, 2021 Casey Nighbor

2020 proved to be a year of unpredictability in all aspects of life—and truck driving was thrown a loop. After large changes across the industry as operations tried to adapt, 2021 will most likely be a year of recovery. A vaccine rollout is now on the horizon and the industry is going to have to navigate a post-pandemic world and workforce.

We’ve gathered some truck driving trends for the new year and hope that we see some recovery in the future.

1. Recovery after a vaccine

With the vaccine rolling out in late 2020 and into this year, we’ll most likely see a recovery of the economy and workforce. Truck drivers and logistics companies will take a large role in this distribution. Additionally, the timing of how long the vaccine will take to be distributed to the general population is still unknown and there will have to be continued vigilance with keeping people safe until then.

2. Industry disruptions

The vaccine rollout may possible stress the supply chain and the truck driving industry in different ways. Everything from production to distribution and shipping could possibly be impacted as the vaccine takes precedence in the supply chain. And the truck industry may see delays or shortages of drivers as the vaccine distribution takes priority.

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3. Out of the box recruitment ideas

The economy, the unemployment rate, the driver shortage and now a pandemic have made finding the right drivers incredibly difficult. A trusted partner can help you find qualified drivers quickly.

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4. Compliance changes

With the onset of a pandemic and an election year, there are been a ton of compliance changes recently. In addition to the proliferation of local minimum wage, sick leave and background check rules, there are new regulatory frameworks for paid sick leave with COVID-19, new protected classes and worker scheduling requirements. The transportation industry has also added a variety of new laws and regulations for employers to follow. Time will tell if new COVID-19 compliance regulations will become permanent.

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5. Flexibility with drivers

The job market has already been moving in this direction for a few years, but the pandemic has accelerated that process. With the changing job market, drivers are expecting more flexibility in the workplace and may have different demands with healthcare coverage, incentives or paid time off.  Add to that the driver shortage and it’s even more important to be competitive in the market.

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