What will peak look like in 2020?

July 27, 2020 Casey Nighbor


COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it and the transportation industry is no different. This includes peak season, which will most likely not be business as usual.

With a variety of complications and precautions, what can you expect for peak in 2020?

Increased safety measures

Drivers are looking for increased safety measures and clients most likely are as well. Making sure your drivers and any staff members are supplied with the proper personal protection equipment (PPE) and sanitation supplies. Ensure you are properly cleaning trucks and following best practices.

In addition, it means enhancing communication between drivers and management to ensure employees’ concerns are being heard and met.

Changes in supply chain

Because of COVID-19, there are have been many disruptions in supply chains. That means that your peak season hauls may be different from previous years. Consumer demand for products have also drastically changed as well as what has been deemed essential. This means that this year will most likely be vastly different and it’s best to be prepared upfront for changes.

Understanding that past peak seasons are not a good indictor of this season will be helpful in anticipating any further problems.

Summer peak seasonality issues

Even though this peak may be greatly different from those in the past, it is still not immune to the issues of previous peak season.

During the summer, congestion increases. With more vehicles on the road, fleets can anticipate a higher rate of accidents due to closer vehicle spacing, and a higher rate of incidents due to overheating vehicles. To combat these issues, fleets can be proactive by creating alternate routes to help drivers avoid bottlenecks whenever possible. Fleets should also account for traffic by lengthening shipment windows whenever possible. This will make routes seem more achievable for drivers, and help limit frustrations.

A trusted partner like Centerline can help you navigate peak season and beyond. Read more about how to prepare for uncertainty in your business or download our free infographic to help you plan ahead


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