How can you show your drivers appreciation?

February 17, 2022 Christina DeBusk

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Driving truck can be a rewarding career, but it also has its challenges. It can get lonely being by yourself all day, stress can rise in bad weather or with other drivers who don’t follow the laws of the road and finding a good meal or clean bathroom isn’t always an easy task.

So, if you’re looking for ways to tell your drivers that you appreciate them and all that they do for your company, here are a few options.

Be vocal about why you value them

Harvard Business Review shares that there is a distinct difference between giving an employee recognition and giving them appreciation. To recognize them is to give them positive feedback for something they did. Conversely, to appreciate them is to give them positive feedback on who they are. Tell your drivers what you value about them as a person. When you do this, it can positively impact their feelings of self-worth, says Harvard. It also improves your relationship with them and the entire workplace culture.

Share your appreciation on social media

A Truckers News survey found that 82% of drivers are on social media. Facebook is used the most by truckers (63% of drivers), making this a good platform for sharing your appreciation. Create a post that spotlights the driver and the value they provide. Let the rest of the world know not just what a great driver they are, but how they shine as a person.

Give them something to make their days more enjoyable

Since spending a lot of time on the road isn’t always easy, give them something that will make their hours at work more enjoyable. One option is to offer a free subscription to XM satellite radio or an audiobook club. You can also make their days more physically enjoyable by providing them with lumbar supports to prevent back pain while driving or seat heaters to help relax their tight, sore muscles.

Create driver care packages

Imagine walking into work one morning, only to be handed a gift bag full of items designed to say, “We appreciate you.” This can add some pep in your step and start your day out on the right foot. Create these types of care packages for your drivers, making them feel as special as if it was their birthday. Items to consider including are refillable water bottles, individually packaged snacks, candies, hand sanitizer, little notepads and calendars.

Provide a free meal

All drivers need to eat. And what can make a mid-shift meal even better? If someone else pays for it. Every so often, give your drivers gift cards for food stops along their routes. You can make this token of appreciation mean even more if you get with them beforehand and ask their favorite stops. Or you can give them the ability to eat pretty much anywhere with a gift Visa or Mastercard. Another option is to have a restaurant or eatery create grab-and-go lunch bags that your drivers can take with them before they start their shift.

Offer them a family experience

If your drivers are working long days and spending a lot of time away from home, they might appreciate a gift that enables them to have more quality time with the people they love. You can do this on a larger scale by planning a family event at a local venue, giving your drivers, their spouses and kids the opportunity to have fun and unwind with other drivers and their families. Alternatively, a couple of free tickets to a nearby theme park or entertainment venue would enable them to enjoy more time with their families on their own.

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