Nelson Gray, Andrew Alspaugh, Mark Hodge and William Rosario earn regional Drivers Of The Year honors

February 23, 2021 Brad Perkins

Congratulations to Centerline drivers Nelson Gray, Andrew Alspaugh, Mark Hodge and William Rosario on being named regional drivers of the year by Hawk Logistics.

Nelson Gray was named driver of the year for the West region. He is a limestone driver and a driving coach in Texas who has been with Hawk since 2017 and in the trucking industry for nearly 40 years. He drives more than 2000 miles per week across Texas. He has had zero preventable accidents and is consistently in the top 5 of all Hawk drivers nationally in terms of safety. His performance highlights included a 99.22% metrics scorecard, 7.2 miles per gallon, 0.5% Over Speed, 6% stopped idle, 1 hard brake per month, no service failures and perfect attendance. He served in the U.S. Army as a vehicle mechanic and logistics operator from 1981-1996. He has been married for 20 years and enjoys restoring old cars, welding and light home restoration.

Hawk Logistics said about Nelson: “Nelson was one of the first to express interest in the drivers coach program and it’s his ability to go above and beyond in his coaching that has made the onboarding for every driver that he has trained an easy one. Nelson meets all his trainees at the front of the facility with all safety equipment and the Hawk onboarding handbook along with another more in-depth handbook, which he created, explaining in more detail how to use our cellcom and ELD systems. He will get on top of the trailers while loading with each trainee to ensure they know exactly what the proper and safe procedures are to load and none of it is just for show. He’s been observed many times from Hawk staff, other coaches and drivers doing the same detailed and helpful training each and every time at all hours throughout the week.”

Andrew Alspaugh was named driver of the year for the East region. He is an asphalt driver in Pennsylvania and has assisted the entire Northeast region with jobs. He has been with Hawk Logistics for almost four years and boasts not only a clean safety record but an overall metrics scorecard of 91.52%. His performance highlights include 3.2% over speed, 8.2% stopped idle, 2 hard brakes per month, no preventable accidents and perfect attendance. Along with his wife and seven kids, he is active in his church in Brickerville, Pa., and recently volunteered to help local famers in the area plant and pick crops.

Hawk Logistics said about Andrew: “In an ever-changing world of COVID-19 and safety related concerns, Andrew has been a cornerstone in the sanitization of tractors and dissemination of safety supplies to drivers in Myerstown. The ability to measure a good driver is not just based on performance and safety, we must also take into account the reliability and positivity of the driver. Andrew’s attendance has been exemplary in 2020. As an employee assigned to the Hawk account he has been a team player, a motivator, a teacher, a lead and an inspiration.”

Mark Hodge was named over the road/regional driver of the year. He joined Hawk as its first over the road/regional driver onboarded in Indiana in 2019 and has more than 45 years of driving experience. He has trained other drivers in the region, impressing upon drivers his standards for operational performance, including thoroughness, compliance, proper load securement and safety. He contributed to the Midwest region’s 263-day safety streak in 2020. His performance highlights include a metrics scorecard of 84.84%, 7.17 miles per gallon, 3.6% over speed, 17.8% stopped idle, no service failures or preventable accidents and perfect attendance. He drives 2500 miles per week and enjoys spending time on his farm in Illinois with his wife, two daughters and seven grandchildren when he’s not driving.

Hawk Logistics said about Mark: “Mark is committed to excellence within the operation and takes pride in his work and more specifically his equipment. He keeps his truck pristine at all times inside and out. He was one of the first drivers to recommend headache racks on our trucks to help haul all equipment needed to complete the job effectively. Prior to getting them installed he developed his own way to secure all necessary equipment in order to be able to haul everything we had within our network safely.”

William Rosario of the Tampa Sand Fleet earned East Region honorable mention for his daily contributions to the operation’s success, including scheduling, overseeing maintenance and coordinating with the plant and training and supervising drivers. He has been with Hawk for two years and was an owner/operator prior to that. His hard work overseeing the Tampa team resulted in the team having the highest average metrics score in the fleet at 98.3%. His personal results include a metrics scorecard of 99.28%, 6.8 miles per gallon, 0.0% over speed, 4.9% stopped idle, one hard brake per month, no service failures or preventable accidents and perfect attendance. Along with his wife and five children, he is active in his local church in Port Richie, Fla., and works with the church’s program to feed the hungry and hand out clothing and personal items to those in need.

Hawk Logistics said about William: “We regularly hear accolades from the plant on his hard work. In his two years with Hawk he has been accident- and incident-free. He is our boots on the ground that allows us to oversee the operation from 1100 miles away! We believe Will is an individual that can grow and develop in other opportunities outside of driving due to his success within our organization.”

Congratulations to these four drivers and thank you for your hard work and dedication to Centerline, Hawk Logistics and the transportation industry.

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