Centerline’s Jim Ledbetter achieves prestigious Certified Transportation Professional designation

March 31, 2021 Jesenya Magana

Centerline Drivers Safety and Operations Manager Jim Ledbetter recently became the fifth Centerline professional to earn the Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) designation from the National Private Truck Council (NPTC). CTP status is one of the most prestigious and widely respected professional credentials in the truck and transportation industry and reflects a dedication to helping enhance operations for private fleet owners through five pillars: safety; finance; operations; vehicle equipment and maintenance; and human resources.

“Their goal is to take fleet managers or transportation managers in these private fleets and make them more well-rounded leaders and make their departments stronger,” Ledbetter said.

This year was a little different for those who enrolled in the CTP program.

“Jim had to do all of his learning online without the Private Fleet Management Institute (PFMI). He was among the first class of CTP not to go through the PFMI,” said John Trahan CTP, Centerline’s director of business development and an NPTC advisor. “We know it was a challenging year for Jim, and he made us all proud.”

The annual weeklong PFMI, located in Jacksonville, Fla., is known for exam training and workshops on the five pillars. Due to COVID-19, this intensive educational program was canceled and the examination preparation went virtual.

“I’m just speculating, but I probably didn’t get the full experience of the training part that I normally would have,” Ledbetter said. “Nonetheless, you have to study and you have to understand these notes, which is comprised of information equaling the size of about two large phone books.”  

Participants take practice tests to prepare for the four-hour, two-part exam, which contains 16 short essay questions and a three-page case study. Over the course of two months, Ledbetter, who is also on the NPTC’s safety committee, spent several hours each day studying. While time consuming, he described the overall experience as rewarding.

“It gave me a great sense of accomplishment,” he said. “Pass or fail, it’s an incredible experience as a manager in the transportation industry, because it really polishes up skills that you probably no longer use.”

Since 1993, over 1800 transportation professionals have graduated from the program. As a result, Ledbetter has earned the right to add CTP after his name, gaining professional recognition within the transportation industry. This designation demonstrates to drivers and clients that he has the knowledge and ability to meet their needs and objectives.

He joins John Trahan, Rod Crowell, Steve Vlahos and Robert Perez as CTP designees at Centerline.

“Congratulations to Jim on his dedication and hard work in receiving this esteemed recognition,” Trahan said. “We all look forward to seeing how he will continue to drive excellence and industry leading service to our drivers and clients.”

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