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Knowing Where You Stand

FMCSA's Safety Measurement System (SMS) determines an overall BASIC status for each carrier based on roadside inspections that are then ranked as a percentile and/or prior investigation violations.

This information is logged in to the SMS website, where the information can be reviewed. You have access to records of your company's crashes and can request a review of any records you think are inaccurate through DataQs. Violations related to HOS Compliance BASIC raise the percentile rank, indicating lower safety compliance, and may lead to safety interventions, such as warnings.

Improving Safety Performance

HOS Compliance BASIC

The HOS Compliance BASIC is based on the regulations that require commercial drivers to follow the HOS requirements in the FMCSR at 49 CFR Part 395 and Part 392.

Drivers should never falsify their RODS to conceal hours driven, which is a major violation of compliance with HOS Compliance BASIC.

Employers should ensure that their drivers know how many hours they can legally drive before they break HOS rules and understand how lack of sleep negatively affects their ability to drive safely.

Any patterns of driver noncompliance should be cause for intervention and re-education on the regulations and the importance of compliance. Motor carriers should be aware of how long their drivers have been operating on the road and ensure that safety is the top consideration when assigning work to them.

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