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Create a Safety Culture

The quickest way to make an impact and start changing attitudes toward safety is to invest time. Every chance you have, talk about safety to your fleet or individual drivers – through tailgate meetings, walk/talks, and yard observations. The easiest way to destroy a safety culture is to put drivers in a situation of choosing a service deliverable over safety.

There are two key parts to implementing a successful safety culture:

  1. Take ownership of the plan.
  2. Hold each person accountable.

By taking ownership, the standard is set for others to follow. Hold your drivers accountable, and they learn to meet the standard each and every day. Accountability can be hard at times – if personal feelings are allowed to get in the way of doing what is right.

For example, if your best driver jumps out of a trailer not wearing the proper PPE, it can be tempting to overlook it and not say anything for fear of upsetting one of your best workers. However, if you choose to look the other way, you set a double standard that will hinder progress and growth.

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