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We Make It Easy

Centerline will work with you to recruit and place qualified drivers behind the wheel of your vehicles. But we do more than that. We improve the productivity of your operation. We share our insights and knowledge. We build exceptional relationships with our customers and drivers.

Working with Centerline

When you work with Centerline, you work with an experienced team of transportation professionals who handle all aspects of driver recruiting: human resources management, employee benefits, payroll and employment taxes, and safety.

The team includes:

  1. Account managers
  2. Recruiting managers
  3. Service managers
  4. In-house safety/compliance experts

Account Manager

Your account manager will learn about your business and develop a staffing program that works for you. Your account manager works closely with our recruiting and service team to ensure that the right drivers are recruited and the right assignments are made.

Recruiting Manager

All of our recruiters devote 100% of their time to attracting talent, screening, and interviewing. They make sure that your drivers are the best fit for your company and fully compliant with DOT regulations.

Our recruiters ensure each driver completes our six-step hiring process and meets all DOT regulations before being hired and assigned.

  1. Online prescreening: Are we a good match?
  2. In-person or telephone interview
  3. Formal application
  4. Verification and screening: employment verification, integrity survey, and drug screen. Validation of DOT qualifications.
  5. New-hire paperwork
  6. Centerline safety training

Service Manager

The service manager and centralized service center team connect the right driver with the right customer to ensure that each party’s needs are respected and met. The service manager is committed to personalized service delivery and prompt resolution of any issues.

Safety and Compliance

Our in-house safety and compliance team ensures that every Centerline driver is always in full DOT compliance.

Work with Centerline

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