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FMCSA Safety Record

How Does It Work?

Submit a Request for Data Review (RDR):

Possible results:

  • Result of Adjudicated Citation Associated with a Violation
  • Record in PSP and SMS
  • Dismissed without a fine or not guilty
  • Violation removed
  • Conviction of a different charge
  • Violation indicated as conviction of a different charge; SMS severity weight reduced to 1
  • Conviction or dismissed with a fine
  • Violation retained

You Can Request Your Safety Record

Under the adjudicated citations policy, you can request that your safety record reflect the adjudication results for citation association with roadside inspection violations in the FMCSA’s database. This applies to any inspections completed after August 23, 2014.

The FMCSA requires a Pre-employment Screening Program that provides electronic access to your driving record for a five-year crash and a three-year inspection history as part of the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS).

We rely on this system to make hiring decisions. Your safety record is yours to keep up to date.