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Preventing Back Injuries

by Charlotte Freed | Oct 21, 2016

What do the common cold and back injuries have in common? They both rank the highest among reasons Americans miss work. Unlike the common cold, back pain can linger longer, causing unnecessary discomfort and lifestyle changes. The most common cause of back injuries? Lifting incorrectly.

Safety is our number one priority. Whether it is behind the wheel or unloading the truck, we want you to make it home safe, no matter the task. Below are some tips to keep you safe when lifting.

  • Stretch before you lift.

stretch 2stretch 1

  • Plan ahead. Know the weight of the object you are carrying, and know if you will need assistance from a handcart, forklift, or other piece of equipment.
  • Ask for help if necessary.
  • Use proper lifting techniques. Lift using your legs


  • Carry the object in your "power zone." This is the area closest to your body. 

Power Zone

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