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Safety First: Protect Your Back

by User Not Found | Sep 07, 2016

Did you know that back injuries and muscle strains are among the most common injuries to drivers? Sitting is a primary function for your job. So how can you prevent injuries and muscle strains when you reach your destination? The Healthy Trucker has some great tips in their article, “How To: Prevent Truck Drivers Back Pain.”

  • Watch your posture
  • Do some light stretching in your cab to keep your muscles loose
  • So some walking every few hours

For more on safety, we have seats available with the safety training program, J.J. Keller. Take the course, Back Safety: Keep Your Back in Action by logging into the Centerline Driver Center.  

After completing this course, you will be able to:

• Describe how the human back works

• Discuss various types of back pain and identify what causes it

• Demonstrate how to properly perform everyday tasks to prevent back pain and injuries

• Recognize steps you can take to prevent back injuries

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