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One List We Don’t Want You to Make – The Injury Report

by User Not Found | Sep 07, 2016

The Injury Report

One of the most commonly utilized pieces of equipment in shipping and warehousing is pallet jacks. This incredibly handy tool helps make work easier; turning a two-person job into one, lifting heavy loads at once – but there are risks if you don’t use them properly. The most common injury? To your feet and back.

What can you do to protect yourself?

Wear the proper footwear and watch your toes! If your feet aren’t positioned well or you are unable to stop a heavy load, your feet become a target. When operating a pallet jack (even for a short time span) you should ensure you are wearing the correct safety equipment including steel capped boots, gloves and safety eyewear (when transporting dangerous chemicals).

To protect your back, make sure you are square to the load and use both hands on the pallet jack handle. If it requires a lot of force, more often than not, stop and look under the wheels, there is probably a piece of a pallet or a nail or other object under the wheels. Your back is worth far more than a piece of wood.
Pallet Jack

Other safety precautions you need to keep in mind when operating a pallet jack:

  • Never place your feet under a machine
  • Never exceed the advised capacity.
  • Use proper lifting techniques when loading/unloading and operating the pallet jack
  • Move the load slowly to ensure safety in case your surroundings change
  • You should always push the load (never pull the load)
  • When going down on an incline go in reverse
  • Be wary of pinch points to avoid injuries to your hands

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