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California Meal and Rest Periods for CDL Drivers

by User Not Found | Sep 07, 2016

All Centerline drivers working in the state of California must comply with State Labor Laws. Please review the regulations below and contact Centerline Central Support at 888-213-7483 if you have any questions:

10 minute rest break

  • Employees are entitled to a paid 10 minute rest break for every 4 hours worked
  • Break must be taken as close to the middle of the 4 hour period as practical
  • Drivers do not have to document the rest break on their timecard
  • Driver does not have to take the break for periods of work less than 3.5 hours
  • Rest breaks and meal breaks can not be combined

30 minute rest break

  • A 30 minute unpaid meal break must be taken before the 5th hour of work unless the total hours worked for the day are less than 6
  • If you work 12 hours or more a second meal break must be taken around the 10th hour of work. The second meal break can be waived by mutual consent of employer and employee but only if the first meal break was taken
  • All unpaid meal breaks MUST be documented with a "time out" and "time in" on your daily trip sheet, logs or time card
  • CDL Interstate drivers are not exempt from state meal and rest break laws. Interstate drivers are still exempt from state overtime laws

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