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Centerline Shines a Spotlight on Butch Kapp

by Anna Mischke | Nov 22, 2017
The Will to Excel

Spotlight Story_Jeanie_Butch_ResizedWhat if you were told you’d be working hours that didn’t work well with your schedule? Follow that up with you operating equipment you didn’t want to drive? That’s what happened to Gilbert “Butch” Kapp – and he powered through to get exactly where he wanted to be. We call that true dedication.

In a world where people crave and expect instant gratification, Butch put in the steadfast work it takes to find himself doing something he truly likes. The opportunity to join the Centerline family arrived when Maureen, Butch’s recruiter, urged him to give GAF a try. He has been driving with Centerline since 2008 after eleven years of bus driving in Dallas, Texas- where he met his wife of nineteen years, Jeanie. She worked at a bank on Butch’s bus route… and the rest is history.

On the first day of assignment, his manager had Butch working on tankers on a 3pm to 3am route: neither something that Butch had in mind as ideal when he took the job. However, he knew what a strong company GAF is and persevered and soon worked his way to the top. Butch made sure to let his manager know what his goals and hopes were so that if the opportunity arose he could move forward doing what he wanted, working on flatbeds.

Driving has allowed Butch to enjoy a lifestyle that feels liberating and relaxed. He spent around a year substitute teaching all subjects from math to science and found that being within four walls felt closed in. Butch describes himself as an outdoor person, loving time on the road and having the chance to meet different customers and talk with a variety of people.

Butch’s background in sports- specifically baseball- may be where some of his dedication comes from. He grew up an avid baseball player, was scouted in high school, and given a scholarship in Port Huron, Michigan. After a year of playing, he was drafted into the Vietnam War and returned with an esteemed Purple Heart after he was shot in the knee. While it took time for recovery, Butch was eventually scouted again and signed. He played for the now defunct Piratas de Sabinas Mexico, hailing from New Mexico, and competed from Northern Mexico to Yucatan. After two years with the Piratas, Butch retired from baseball to pursue a new goal.

Butch excels as a driver because of his dedication to safety, willingness to educate himself on the equipment he uses day in and day out, and puts extra care into his work saying “If you take good care of your vehicle then it will come through for you even in the most difficult of circumstances.” Butch excels as a person because of his friendliness, devotion to Jeanie (they go on a cruise every year as tradition!), easy-going personality, and commitment to doing a job well done. Centerline is fortunate to have Butch as part of our team and look forward to his feats in the future.


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  1. B Kapp | Dec 07, 2017

    What an awesome article!  Great job, Butch!  Congratulations!

  2. Jaime Barrera | Dec 06, 2017
    Congratulations...That's awesome Butch.
  3. BIG ROG | Dec 02, 2017

    From Big Rog

    That's My Big Brother Showing A Great Example Of Wonderful Work Ethics.

    Love You Butch Kapp

  4. Jill Quinn | Nov 29, 2017
    Appreciate all you do! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication!
  5. Rod Crowell (National Accounts Director- Centerline) | Nov 29, 2017
    Glad to have you aboard Butch!  Thank you for all your dedication and hard work daily. 
  6. Jeffery Kapp | Nov 28, 2017

    Great job Butch, I hope all is well with you and the family. Take care 

  7. James Mosley | Nov 28, 2017

    Congratulations Butch! Well-deserved for a person neverlooking for recognition.  I see a man that comes to work every day with his own personal goals and expectations and a high regard for his chosen profession.  Butch, you have outstanding people skills and build friendships at every stop, Thank you for all you do. You shine every day, like your well-polished equipment! Glad you are part of the GAF Team.

  8. Juan Acuna | Nov 28, 2017
    God Bless you and Family
  9. Connie kapp | Nov 27, 2017
    Comment from Mom . Congradulations to my son. Love you mom
  10. Jeanie Kapp | Nov 27, 2017

    Butch, your have superior work ethics.  Congratulations on winning this award.  We are all proud of you.  You deserve this honor.

  11. Bob Kapp - | Nov 27, 2017


    To many people, You have

    always been - " # 1. " 

    Lord Bless You and congratulations

    Bob Kapp ( the Michigan uncle)

  12. Argentina kapp | Nov 27, 2017
    The best brother ever.  And very dedicated to the LORD
  13. Linda | Nov 27, 2017
    Congratulations Butch!! 
  14. Carlos Guerra | Nov 27, 2017
    Congradulations .. I am happy for you , and am proud to be on your team ... 👍

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