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Discussing Distracted Driving from a CDL Veteran

by Charlotte Freed | Apr 26, 2019

Richard DoyleOver the last 20 years, a lot has changed. Satellite radio has become more common, Bluetooth was introduced, and cellphones became a necessity for a majority of the population. All of these changes have increased distractions at work, home and on the road. Over the past 20 years veteran driver Richard Doyle has witnessed more and more drivers succumb to these deadly distractions.

Doyle explains that technology isn’t the only reason drivers are distracted. The split second a driver’s eyes aren’t on the road to fix his or her hair, take a sip of water, or “gawk at an accident,” can be the difference between arriving safely and causing an accident. Doyle advises other drivers to stick to the basics: keep your eyes on the road and two hands on the wheel.

Actions inside and outside the car are not the only reason drivers become distracted. Loss of focus is another distraction drivers need to be aware of. Drivers need to remain focused, even on longer routes or overnight shifts where driving becomes monotonous. Doyle suggests pulling over to a rest stop. This allows for time out of the cab – even a few minutes can make a difference.

Doyle agrees that distracted driving is a problem that drivers should be concerned about. His parting advice for others: always be a defensive driver and give yourself plenty of time to react.

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