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March Regulation Round-Up

by Charlotte Freed | Mar 22, 2019

Centerline Regulation Round Up
As a career coach, Centerline is committed to keeping professional drivers up-to-date on hot button issues. Each month, we will provide you with summaries of changes or introduce new regulations that you should keep an eye on. Click on the links provided to read more:

HOS Regulations: Driver Concerns lead to Overhauls

HOS Regulations have been an area of major concern for drivers due to their lack of flexibility. This concern was expressed in over 5,200 comments during a public comment period. Now, FMCSA Administrator Ray Martinez says it’s time for reform. Martinez hinted that areas of reform would be centered on increasing flexibility for on and off-duty time. Learn more about possible HOS Regulation reform here.

Under 21 Pilot Program: Bipartisan Support for Younger Drivers

ATA President Chris Spear was excited to see politicians work across the aisle to support legislation that would allow truck drivers under the age of 21 to operate commercial vehicles over interstate lines. Those in support of the bill hope to see continued support as it faces continued hearings before becoming law. Learn more about the DRIVE Safe Act, and track its progress here.

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