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Are you Driving Inattentionally Blind?

by Charlotte Freed | Mar 15, 2019

Look but didn't see accident
It is impossible to absorb and retain everything we hear or see. Instead, our mind prioritizes what we see and our expectations fill in the gaps. Focusing on other safety tasks combined with events outside of our expectations can cause “inattentional blindness.”

What is inattentional blindness? For starters, it’s different than distracted driving. Distracted driving involves prioritizing objects or events other than the road when operating a vehicle. Inattentional blindness, on the other hand, occurs when focusing and prioritizing safety and missing something in plain sight, often causing “looked-but-didn’t-see” accidents.

As a professional driver, it is important to take steps to minimize driving while inattentionally blind.

  1. Maximize your attention by eliminating distractions unrelated to safety
  2. Be a proactive driver by anticipating decisions made by non-professional drivers
  3. Anticipate what may be ahead by using cues from your surroundings, such as road signs

There is no cure for inattentional blindness, but as a professional driver, it is important to minimize any and all distractions. At Centerline, your safety is our top priority. Whenever possible, plan for the unexpected.

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