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ELDs vs AOBRD: An Improvement for Drivers

by Charlotte Freed | Jan 25, 2019

ELD exemptions causing headaches
A few weeks ago, Centerline Drivers reported that the open road was still plagued with a number of ELD exemptions. One such exemption that continues to puzzle drivers is the use of AOBRDs; however, this exemption will officially come to an end on December 16, 2019. To prepare for the end of the AOBRD era, Centerline is committed to helping drivers learn the key differences between the two devices.

One of the reasons AORBDs are being phased out is because of their limited technology. While their physical connection to a truck’s engine provides information needed to ensure drivers are HOS compliant, the outdated technology is easy to tamper with. This means supervisors can change logs without driver approval.

An ELD synchronizes to a truck’s diagnostic port, ensuring more accurate readings. The chance of tampering with reporting is reduced as well - the technology requires a drivers’ approval of the log and allows for alterations and annotations to help with clarification. Plus, drivers are required to approve any and all changes submitted by supervisors or other back-office personnel.

Centerline urges drivers to participate in ELD training offered by your fleet. Knowing your device will help in the event you are asked any questions during a road side inspection.

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