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ATA’s Chris Spear Promises a Fight for Change

by Charlotte Freed | Nov 09, 2018

Driver inspects truck
American Trucking Associations (ATA) president and CEO, Chris Spear, addressed their ongoing campaigns and heavy lobbying during the annual meeting in Austin, TX. He reiterated their involvement in the successful passing of the tax reform law saying “we answered that call and led” to a measurable victory and that “its passage is now fueling our nation’s economy.”

Spear touted positive gains for the trucking industry in the coming year, touching on rules he says violate federal interstate commerce laws, such as the California meal-and-rest break rule. “I am confident that justice will soon prevail,” he said, expecting “common-sense” improvements to hours-of-service (HOS) rules with HOS violations at historic lows of less than one percent. He described the fight against ELD as “one of the toughest-fought battles” and expressed his pride in the ATA for “holding the line.”

Spear voiced a reminder of ATA’s lobbying to pass the DRIVE-Safe Act and their efforts with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) to allow drivers under age 21 to participate in pilot programs, saying “We must be allowed to compete for the same talent as other industries, and teach them to safely and responsibly operate this equipment.”

Spear made it clear that they will continue to push for trucking rights and benefits, saying the ATA has “unfinished business in Washington.” Spear’s state of the industry was impassioned – but only time will tell whether these resolutions will take place.

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