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Spotlight Story: Arthur Souza

by Charlotte Freed | Oct 26, 2018

Arthur Souza driver of 45 years
Arthur Souza has to be fast. He has to be instinctive. He has to be determined. He has to ensure his reflexes are sharp at the most important times. Arthur first had to show these skills on the playing field as shortstop. Now, he demonstrates them as a driver behind the wheel – and has for the past 45 years. A Centerline driver since early this year, Arthur has brought his abilities from decades of driving to the company, operating chiefly in the New Jersey area.

Arthur moved from his first job in construction, installing pools and building patios, to truck driving when his current boss injured his back and asked Arthur to help him on the driving side. “It wasn’t clear sailing,” Arthur says, remembering the narrow roads, tricky maneuvers, and new rules he had to learn. But with focus and practice, Arthur eventually worked his way to become a daily driver.

Arthur has seen a lot from his unique perspective on the road: negligent drivers, confused “slugs” driving like they’ve never experienced precipitation, and heated arguments. But he says there have always been bad drivers on the road. However, Arthur notes that one thing has change, at least the number of them: cell phones. Arthur is quick to defend technology, saying it’s made a lot of lives easier with tools like GPS, but is frustrated by the irresponsibility of how people use their phones. Still, Arthur knows things will continue to shift and just wishes people would think when driving, whether in a truck or a commuter vehicle.

Arthur muses, “I don’t feel like I’m 67. I feel like I’m 37…” then explains that he’s had two hip replacements and two knee replacements. Clearly, athletics and work has taken a toll on his body – yet he feels bulletproof, adding that “nobody is bulletproof.” What has kept Arthur so committed to his work is his dedication. “I put my heart and soul into [it]” Arthur says. His work is clearly important to him: he appreciates that he is his own boss and makes sure he gets the job done and done well.

When Arthur thinks of the new generation of drivers slowly making their way into the industry, he tells them to “really want it…if you really want it, you’ll be good at it” and really that no matter the industry, “if you don’t like it, it’s going to suck – so you’ll probably suck at it.”

When he isn’t working, Arthur reverts his interests back to sports. He enjoys blasting the radio, listening to the Patriots and Celtics and delving into team stats. He’s able to rattle off information about players and teams, speaking with an understanding tone, knowing the pressures and thrill of the game. When the conversation ends, we’re left with the feeling that Arthur may not know what an impact he’s made in the past 45 years: keeping the economy moving, helping put food on the dinner table, outfitting homes with supplies and keeping people safe on the road. So we’re here to say “Thank you, Arthur” – for your commitment to the road, to your fellow motorists, and to all those who have relied on you completing that final mile.

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