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Trucking Regulations Stall While Enforcements Swells

by Charlotte Freed | Sep 21, 2018

Drivers continue their work as the government debates rules and regulations
Since the newest administration has taken the reins, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has slowed their regulatory moves, but enforcement levels have only increased. Some rules that have been sidelined include liability insurance increases, sleep apnea standards, and changes to safety ratings.

Still, rules remain in the works around military license and CDL reciprocity, UCR fee reductions, and allowance of electronic records and signatures. Additional initiatives include a grandfathered AOBRD software provision on ELDs and changes in personal conveyance rules for truckers along with hours-of-service changes. The CSA model, drug testing by hair, and the drug and alcohol clearinghouse are all changes being further explored.

Additionally being reviewed is the HR 5417 (REST Act) and HR 6178, (HOURS Act). The REST Act covers provisions allowing a three hour rest break, 14-hour clock pause, and removing the 30-minute break requirement. The HOURS Act includes provisions including an agriculture exemption, short-haul alignment, reducing supporting documents, and skipping an advanced notice of proposed split sleeper rulemaking. While both the HOURS and REST Acts have bipartisan support, industry stakeholders question whether they will make it past the House.

As many regulations have been placed on the backburner, enforcement cases continue to rise.

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