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Are ELDs squeezing already tight parking situations?

by Charlotte Freed | Sep 14, 2018

Trucks struggle to find parking
Drivers are reporting that the electronic logging device (ELD) mandate is squeezing them for time in already difficult parking situations. A report from Trucker Path shows that 80 percent of 5,400 surveyed drivers believed that regulations around the ELD have made parking more difficult. Data shows that in comparison to last year, drivers search for parking information even more in the evening hours.

Drivers listed truck parking as the highest stressor in their jobs, with ELDs and hours of service following. From the surveyed drivers, 70 percent admit to having violated HOS rules due to difficulty finding parking, and 96 percent say they have parked in unauthorized areas when legal parking was hard to find.

The low capacity levels in tandem with personal conveyance rules add to stress, with only an estimated 330,000 truck parking spots total in the U.S., combining those at truck stops, weigh stations, commercial shopping centers, and truck scales.

While the number of available parking spots has increased since previous years, most truckers say it remains as much of an issue as ever. This is directly opposed to what many experts believe, with American Trucking Associations (ATA) vice president of highway policy, Darrin Roth, having explained earlier this year that “there are more spaces available than demand” on a nationwide and statewide basis.

Still, efforts continue towards figuring out why drivers are experiencing the frustrations of a shortage and how public and private sectors can help fix the problem. Technology is stepping up to see how it can assist, with apps like Trucker Path letting drivers report and gain insight into where parking is available. While insights like this may help save time looking for spots, the technology doesn’t actually provide more spaces…a necessity for drivers who keep our economy moving.

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  1. Anthony | Sep 18, 2018
    Stop waiting til the last minute to dind sonewhere to oark... smh 

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