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Spotlight Story: Shannon McCall

by Charlotte Freed | Aug 31, 2018

Pro Driver shares driving tips
For many in the industry, it’s no surprise to hear how taxing being a professional driver can be. High demands from numerous customers, counting every minute as the clock ticks, and the countless responsibilities of delivering essential goods while navigating the roads with the public are all stressors that takes a strong, dedicated individual to face head on. When we spoke with Shannon McCall, a truck driver for the past fourteen years who now works with Centerline, it was clear that she has the chops to take on the trucking life.

Her first time in the seat of a truck, Shannon was amazed at how far up she felt and couldn’t wait to get out and begin driving. Before she could get on the road Shannon had to hit the books. School taught Shannon and her classmates how to conduct pre-inspections, move tandems, shift gears, and drive well, but she was left knowing that there were some things that could only be learned from firsthand experience.

It took Shannon a bit of time before she hit her stride and found a mentor in trucking. She eventually connected with a guide at UPS who taught her the ropes: to nap when she found the opportunity, to take strategic stops for a stretch and to reinvigorate, to accept the responsibilities that come with independence, and to continually adapt.

Now, Shannon shares her knowledge with the next wave of new drivers: always pay attention. Don’t become complacent. Know the importance of pre-trip inspections. Take safety seriously. Stay up-to-date on the news. With her tried-and-true wisdom, we expect that one day- Shannon will find herself as a mentor to a trucking newcomer. And as a community, we’re glad we can count on people like her.

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  1. SHEREEN BLUNT | Sep 04, 2018
    Great Job Shannon and Congratulations on your time in the "SPOTLIGHT"! You Go girllllll💯

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