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Centerline Shines a Spotlight on Terence Brown

by Anna Mischke | Feb 02, 2018

A self-described family man with a penchant for good food and the feeling of freedom on the open road: Terence Brown has found his calling as a professional driver. Terence has been a trained and certified driver since 2009 and chose the industry after spending his time in roles that left him unfulfilled and feeling under a microscope.

Terence first connected with Centerline when another driver, Travis, referred him. Travis heard that Terence was aiming to end his time driving Over the Road and recommended Centerline as an option. Terence was exhausted from spending time away from his family and beginning to tire of the demanding schedule. He was pleased when he met with a recruiter, Candis Barr, who instantly made him feel part of the Centerline family. Since joining the team, Terence has been able to truly enjoy the freedom his career allows by staying local and near his wonderful family: Nikita, Darius, Christopher, and Jasmine.

While he finds his family time important, there are definitely joys on the road for Terence, particularly good food. “I’m a foodie,” said Terence. Terence has visited different areas of the country and delights in experiencing the different flavors that come with each region. He’ll research food options in advance and find specific stops to seek out the best fare. He enjoys a good buffet, particularly the TA in Flagstaff where he tasted his first combination of salsa and omelet Terence has found that some of the most memorable meals he has had have been in hole-in-the-wall stops that he sometimes can’t even remember the name of: chili burritos, fried fish, and of course- more buffets.

Terence is fortunate to have had strong mentors throughout his career and he mentions Al Whitman as one of them. They spent time together on a trip from Florida to Atlanta and Terence marveled at Al’s ability to make truck repairs look simple. They stay in contact and Terence turns to him when he has trucking problems. Terence hopes that more people in the trucking industry will take the time to understand what it is like to drive a commercial vehicle. Whether obtaining their own CDL or participate in ride-alongs, he believes it would open up communication and consideration to the hard-working life of a trucker. He finds satisfaction as a driver- and recommends that new commercial drivers commit to their career 100%: being a truck driver can be taxing, but the community is there waiting to embrace you, guide you, and help you.

The trucking community wouldn’t be the same without Terence – and we can be sure that he will find his place as a mentor to other drivers…maybe even sharing a chili burrito or two while exploring the open road.

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