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Driving Safely in the Dark

by Anna Mischke | Nov 02, 2017

Driver News 103117As the days get shorter and you find yourself navigating roads through the dark, you are at greater risk when driving with less visibility. Various factors such as lighting, roadway, and other drivers must be considered when driving in darker environments. What can you do as a professional to be proactive about safety? Be aware of your environment, other potentially less experienced drivers, and the condition of your truck.

  • Drive more slowly when lighting is poor or confusing. You should be able to stop in the distance you see ahead; adjust your speed according to your sight distance.

  • Be particularly alert when driving around bars, restaurants, and taverns- especially during closing time. Drunk drivers are a threat to everyone on the road: keep an eye out for drivers stopping without reason, swerving or having difficulty staying in their lane, or maintaining speed.

  • Make sure your headlights are clean. Dirty headlights may only give half the light they should and decreases your ability to see other people and for them to see you.

  • Always use your turn signals so other drivers know your next moves.

  • Make sure the following are working properly:

- Reflectors
- Marker lights
- Clearance lights
- Identification lights
- Taillights

  • Ensure your windshield and mirrors are clean: dirty windows under bright lights at night can cause glare.

  • If you wear eyeglasses, make sure they are clean and scratch-free and do not wear sunglasses when driving at night.

  • Keep your interior light off: it can reduce outside visibility.


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  1. | Jan 11, 2018
    These safety instructions are really helful for everyone to drive safely in the dark. I have feared a lot while driving in the dark. I will definitely follow these instructions.
  2. sessions | Nov 07, 2017
    good info. thanks
  3. Keith Cochran | Nov 06, 2017

    Remember; to always drive for others.....

    Safety First.  Safety first .

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