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Healthy Eating: On the Road, at Home, and Every Day

by Anna Mischke | Oct 19, 2017

Driver News 101817Finding healthy food at affordable prices can be difficult when you’re on the road. Planning ahead and knowing your choices in advance can help make eating well and boosting vitality a simpler, and even enjoyable task.

Long-lasting Chow

While a candy bar or handful of chips are definitely a treat to enjoy once in a while, they won’t keep you full and satisfied for long. Opt for foods that will get you through the day and taste great: nuts, vegetables, boiled eggs, fruits, granola bars, and string cheese are great options. They’re easy to pack and give an extra boost of energy throughout the day without a sugar crash. Substituting sugary energy and soft drinks can also make a noticeable difference: hydrate with water and you’ll notice a natural, sustainable rise in energy over time.

Guide Yourself

Use a nutrition guide to help understand the best ways to plan ahead when you plan to eat at restaurants on the road: there are delicious options on the menu that serve as great alternatives to sodium and fat heavy choices. You can visit nutrition guides like this to check the nutritional value of items on hundreds of menus.

Portion Power

It can be easy to overeat when sitting at a buffet or browsing the dollar menu: remember that while your eyes might be as big as your stomach at one moment, it could impact your health later. Try and eat frequent, small meals throughout the day. Foods like soup, lean and baked meat, fruits and vegetables, and whole grains are tasty options. You can check recommended portions from the American Heart Association here.

Game Plan

Before grocery shopping, make a list and stick to it. Plan your meals for the week ahead of time, this lets you ensure your meals are balanced while staying in budget.

  • Using a grocery list steers you away from impulse buys.
  • Don’t shop hungry! Make sure you’re not planning on shopping on an empty stomach: it’s more likely you’ll buy items solely because your stomach is grumbling.
  • Shop seasonal items. Fruits and vegetables in season are generally priced lower- and you can continue to add variety to your diet with the changing produce.
  • Compare brands: sometimes a store brand will offer the same quality good for a lower price.

Have Fun

Healthy doesn’t have to equate to boring. You may be surprised at how you can adjust some of your favorite meals such as pizza and pasta to include healthful options. Learning about new ingredients and varieties of foods can keep things interesting while adding nourishment to your diet. When you eat well, you feel well.

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