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Grants from FMCSA Focus on Safety and Streamlining CDL Process

by Anna Mischke | Oct 12, 2017

Driver News 101117The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently gave millions in state-level grants with the purpose of improving driver safety, and accelerating the commercial driver’s license process for drivers.

$30.7 million was dedicated to the Commercial Driver License Program Implementation and divided among 43 recipients on Sept. 26. The grant provides funding to state and organizations with the intention of improving compliance with FMCSA regulations surrounding the standards of commercial driver licenses. Tom Keane, director of the FMCSA, shared that compliance projects vary from monitoring of third-party testers, upgrading IT systems, and hiring data entry analysts and test examiners.

Keane also explained that compliance at the state level will make the licensing system increase efficiency while “streamlining the processes” and “yield safety benefits…which indirectly benefits the drivers who apply for CDLs and are trying to get jobs. It removes, to some degree, those barriers to getting your license and being able to work.”  While improving the process is important, Keane stresses that safety is the “main focus”.

The FMCSA says that CDL compliance has improved since the grant program was introduced over a decade ago, with Keane stating that “with the maturation of the CDL regulations, it’s all trended in a manner in a manner that’s resulted in a much more uniform process…partially due to this grant program.” 


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    How do you get the grant? 

  2. Fritz Cadichon | Oct 17, 2017
    Good info

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