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Trained for Rain: Driving Safety Tips

by Anna Mischke | Oct 09, 2017

Driver News 092117When driving in the rain and inclement climates, it’s important to remember that severe weather significantly increases the risk for dangerous driving conditions. While professional drivers should always practice safe driving on the road, extra care and attention should be paid in situations that are potentially dangerous for other drivers as well. Give your full attention when behind the wheel and focus on your surroundings.

Slow Down

Avoid hydroplaning by slowing down, especially right after it begins to rain when oil makes roadways particularly slick. Slowing down and delaying a trip by a few minutes will be far less time consuming than dealing with an accident.

Give Space

Allow a few extra seconds of follow time when driving in inclement weather; this gives you more time to react. Allow other vehicles and yourself a wide breadth. Slow down early to stop, for intersections, making a turn, or adjusting to traffic.

Don’t Panic

If your truck does begin to hydroplane, try not to panic; hitting the brakes too hard can make it difficult to regain control of your truck. Slow down and continue to steer in the direction you want to go. Take deep breaths and concentrate: you will be grateful for that extra space you gave yourself.

Lights On

Poor visibility for drivers can be at its worst in heavy rain. Make sure your headlights are on: other vehicles should be able to clearly see you, even with a cushion of space. Some states require lights to be on in the rain, even in daylight.

Be Aware

Keep a keen eye on your surroundings, particularly other large vehicles; they are more prone to have difficulty staying in their lane during high wind.

Two Hands on the Wheel

Keep both of your hands on the wheel as gusts of wind can move your vehicle. Give yourself maximum control of the truck and avoid any type of distraction like drinking or eating. Also remember that Centerline has a zero tolerance cell-phone policy.

We can’t control the weather, but we can use our best judgment as professionals behind the wheel. Prevent dangerous situations by thinking ahead, communicating well with your team, being attentive and alert, and using your best judgment.


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  1. Keith Cochran | Oct 11, 2017

    Good day.

     Safety first. If you don’t know go slow.

     Always remember in increment weather, decrease your speed by 25%  and drive defensive. 

     Focus  not on the problem, but stay focus on a solution.

    Driver for others.

    Have a wonderful day !!!  {safety first}.

  2. terence Hampton | Oct 10, 2017
    I normal give myself 50 to 100 feet between cars .Also I reduce my speed by 15 miles an hour do the weather condition.
  3. henry e. sessions | Oct 10, 2017
    I understand

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