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Celebrate Driver Appreciation Week with Centerline

by Anna Mischke | Sep 08, 2017

NTDAW LOGO_px resizedTruck drivers are the thread that weaves the economy together daily, and seldom do they receive the recognition earned. During National Truck Driver Appreciation Week (NTDAW), this year from September 10th through September 16th, these unsung heroes will receive the gratitude deserved.

The American Trucking Associations (ATA) revealed a new National Truck Driver Appreciation Week logo earlier this year. ATA Chairman, Kevin Burch sharing that “National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is an opportunity for America to show our gratitude to the core of the economy, our professional truck drivers, and to set aside this week for them as they have earned it through their hard work and commitment to the industry.”

Whether over the road or last mile, each driver plays a strong role in ensuring that day-to-day needs for the entire country are met: over 70% of all freight tonnage is transported via trucks. We’ll be showing our appreciation for the 3.5 million professional drivers with the rest of the nation during a week-long celebration. How can you make sure to enjoy every bit of it as much as you can?

Find Your Supporters

Understanding the organizations that truly value your service as a driver can help you feel like your work is genuinely acknowledged. Getting to know the groups that recognize drivers is the first step in finding involvement in the community. The ATA kick started the annual NTDAW, the non-profit provides research and insight into the trucking industry throughout the year. The largest national trade group in the United States for trucking, the group is comprised of trucking associations for every state and work toward recognizing truck drivers and advocating for them on a nationwide level.

Enjoy Freebies

Treat yourself to some of the perks offered by various restaurants, companies, and truck stops over the course of NTDAW (and many throughout the entire month of September). Many truck stops boast free food for truckers along with discounts and sales.

  • Denny’s is hosting a month-long giveaway from a $1,000 Denny’s gift card to scratch cards with prizes to free Denny’s Grand Slams for a year while giving a 10 percent discount to truckers every time they visit until the end of the year.
  • Love’s Travel Stops celebrates the entire month of September with My Love Rewards points prizes and sweepstakes at each location.
  • Rudolph’s Southern Recipe is offering $1,000, pork rinds, and gear for their ‘Rig on the Road’ daily trivia
  • Select TA and Petro locations present CDL wellness consultations: more info here.
  • Pilot Flying J will award drivers with a combined 100 million myRewards loyalty points- valued at $1 million- and give away more than 65,000 prizes to drivers along with local in-store celebrations

Take Time for Self-Care

The tasks of the job can be strenuous. Make sure to give yourself some time- whether a few minutes or a full day- to pamper yourself. Enjoy your favorite food, take a stroll somewhere that makes you happy, or watch that movie you’ve been eager to see! It’s important to take the time to appreciate yourself and the hard work you put in every day. The finest things in life don’t necessarily cost anything: call a friend that you haven’t spoken with in a long time or spend some quality time with your trusty pet. Reflect on this past year and all of your achievements- big and small: they make a difference.

Spread the Love

Connect with other individuals who know how important your role on the road is to everyday life. Whether your fellow drivers, familiar faces at your long-time carrier, or a friendly dispatcher- each of these people have their hand in the trucking industry alongside you. Share your appreciation and show a fellow driver your gratitude. Send a quick text saying “thanks for all you do” or a dozen cookies to the people in your life who make your job possible and profitable. When we support each other, the industry only becomes stronger.  


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  2. VINCENT FARMER | Sep 14, 2017
  3. Mark Horn | Sep 12, 2017
    Looks like they're not even reading our comments! Figures 
  4. Aaron | Sep 12, 2017
    All valid points ...... How are  centerline drivers being appreciated
  5. Mr stradi | Sep 11, 2017
     It would be nice to get a raise I've been working for the company for three years with the same pay 
  6. Mark Horn | Sep 11, 2017
    What is Centerline going to do for their drivers???
  7. Concern Driver | Sep 11, 2017

    Driver Appreciation?

    You mean to tell me, they have drivers on the road? I Been waiting to go to work with the company since I put the Application in! 

  8. DALLAS, TX | Sep 11, 2017
    WITH ALL DUE RESPECT!! This article seems full of b.s. coming from a company that does absolutely NOTHING for their drivers during DRIVER'S  APPRECIATION WEEK! 

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