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ATRI Requests Driver Involvement in 2017 Survey

by Anna Mischke | Aug 24, 2017

Driver News 082317The American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) annually requests insight into commercial driver experience through the Top Industry Issues Survey, first released in 2005 and commissioned by the American Trucking Associations (ATA). Understanding the most crucial difficulties drivers face allows the research firm to conduct studies, which focus on the issues such as highway safety and infrastructure.

Driver feedback helps identify the strongest points of concern and Rebecca Brewster, ATRI president and COO described driver involvement as “critical” in the organization’s research, stating “We encourage drivers to spend a few minutes completing the online survey so that driver opinions are included in the research on these timely issues.”

The top concerns in trucking according to the survey last year was the ELD Mandate, Hours of Service Regulations, The Cumulative Economic Impacts of Trucking Regulations on the Industry, Truck Parking, and The Economy. CSA Scores, The Driver Shortage, and Driver retention were also raised as major areas of anxiety. The results of this year’s survey will be shared during the ATRI Management Conference and Exhibition in Orlando, FL from October 21 to 24.

Over 500 driver surveys were collected at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS), drivers are also urged to share their thoughts on crucial problems via online survey.

Share your thoughts with the ATRI here.


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  1. Alan | Sep 05, 2017
    El need to oppsonale  14 hour rule needs to be changed. 
  2. Jeff Lorrie Townsend | Aug 28, 2017
    Anyone can quote cheap freight rate and take it out of the eployees wages and benefits...My family has been in the business since 1946 and right now the wages the wages are minimum wage in some cases with most around ten dollars an hour for OTR drivers and they wonder why nobody wants to do this anymore. 
  3. Ed | Aug 28, 2017
    Remove ELD mandate first , second is to revamp the  fourteen hour rule and adjust to what the shipper/ reciver are doing. By that if they hold you over four six to eight hours you should be able to stop your clock. Third thing force the shippers to pay for detention after two hours, fourth thing is for better driver training .
  4. alberto Rodriguez | Aug 28, 2017
    The CSA score should be eliminated on drivers and enforced on companies. We have enough hoops to jump thru trying to get a job, learn FMCSR, pass DOT physicals, and deal with state and local police officials.
  5. Alberto Rodri | Aug 28, 2017

    The 34 hour reset should be reinstated with 2 consective 1am-5am which may give a driver more time off to rest. Trucking conpanys dont take into effect that some drivers live close to their employment and others do not. Where drivers also have to drive to their residence, fatiqued.

    The eld mandate should be put into effect. Because too many trucking companys push drivers to run to close to their 60 or 70 hour rule and 14 hour rule.

    Drivers should be allowed the discretion to take a 30 minute break before 10 or 8 consecutive hours depending on their fatique level.

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