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Centerline Shines a Spotlight on Ben Fakes

by Anna Mischke | Aug 18, 2017
2 Million Miles Safely and Counting

ben fakes

Most drivers can’t say they’ve driven 2 million miles, and of those drivers even less can say they’ve driven 2 million accident-free miles in a truck: Ben Fakes can.

The incredible driver, with Boise since 1995 and Centerline since 2012, reached 2 million accident-free miles this May, a feat to be proud of. He said, “I may not be the safest driver on the road, but I am certainly trying to be.”

Ben’s experience in the army kick-started his passion to learn. His First Sergeant would ask Ben questions that he knew Ben didn’t know the answer to: Ben wouldn’t stop searching until he found the answer. This mentality has crossed over into his driving career. When he sees an accident on the road Ben will take the time to consider how the accident may have occurred, and how he would avoid a similar situation. Ben constantly drinks-in his surroundings, checking for new road signs, paving, and other factors that play into driving safely. While he learned the rules of the road on the Autobahn where there is no general speed limit and the environment posed numerous challenges, he continued to absorb insights from new drivers that he eventually began to instruct. Ben shares that he is never too proud to learn from others: no matter how little experience someone has, they may have some insight that could be helpful like a safer route.

Though safety may be second nature for Ben, it isn’t necessarily always easy. He says that it takes energy to stay alert and maintain safety on the road. He constantly assesses his surroundings and heightens awareness if in a more precarious area. Whether in challenging weather or high risk environments, Ben focuses 100% of his attention on driving. He finds that it’s crucial to plan your route correctly, and many times driving a few miles further has gotten him to a delivery location more safely and often faster. Breaks are Ben’s best friend when it comes to maintaining focus, he recommends stopping for five minutes to refresh even if it’s simply getting out of the truck to walk around. He finds that helps to bring his focus back to the road. If he wants to make a phone call or have a coffee or eat a snack he’ll pull over to the side of the road, never allowing distractions in his cab. Ben said, “You will never find me eating a sandwich in heavy traffic. It is just not the time or the place to do that.”

The independence on the road allows Ben freedom to truly enjoy his work. Driving past a pond at dawn, mist floating above the water, encountering a majestic moose similar to an image from a magazine, or witnessing an airborne Volkswagen (due to hitting an alligator), you can understand Ben’s appreciation for life behind the wheel.

Humbly, Ben admits that there is no denying that luck plays a part in his safety achievement. He understands that conditions vary for everyone and some may face more hazardous roads, but he doesn’t allow that to impact his discipline of continuous learning and safety awareness. Support from the client management team at Boise has also bolstered Ben’s ability to safely navigate the roads; if he ever feels unsafe driving anywhere, the team wouldn’t ask him to carry on. The reasons to be safe are worthy: the community, his company, and his family. 


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  1. Centerline Drivers | Aug 23, 2017

    Anonymous driver, we are sorry to hear of your frustration and experience.

    We would like to connect to ensure any Safety Bucks you met the criteria for but have not received is reconciled. Please contact us at and we will be happy to help.

    -Centerline Drivers

  2. Shanna Waer | Aug 22, 2017

    I have had the pleasure of working w/ Ben since day 1.  He's an awesome driver to know and is full of knowledge.  Great Job Ben!  Keep on truckin'!

  3. Anonymous driver | Aug 21, 2017

    Did you get your safety bucks Ben?

    Just wondering because Centerline hasn't sent me any safety bucks in over a year and a half and every time I try to contact someone about it I get a run around . I've been loyal Centerline I've always done a good job safely is my priority I was looking forward to getting recognition from the company but that's ok keep your safety bucks.

    Thanks an anonymous driver great job Ben.

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